A new idea on how antipsychotics work

The notion that anti-psychotics work by basically only adjusting dopamine levels has gone nowhere and will go nowhere. If just adjusting dopamine levels was all that was needed to treat schizophrenia there would be a cure for schizophrenia by now. Just  adjusting dopamine levels as the mode of action of anti-psychotics has as a correlate that individuals with schizophrenia are too full of pleasure causing chemicals and those pleasure causing chemicals must be dialed way, way down in schizophrenia which is ludicrous.

I think the citric acid cycle is dysregulated in schizophrenia due to low activity of aconitase 1 whereby there are various difficulties synthesizing amino acids such as glutamate. With shortages of amino acids such as glutamate the brain has difficulties synthesizing proteins. If individuals can’t synthesize proteins not trying to synthesize proteins could possess  modest  advantages.  Psychostimulants can increase protein synthesis. Dopamine antagonists could basically be turning down protein synthesis. A car with a flat tire had best be driven slowly. If the brain can not synthesize needed glutamate there are modest advantages to not trying to synthesize protein which is where dopamine antagonists come in terms of the  treatment of schizophrenia.

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