Levodopa and iron chelation

A major focus of this blog has been on aconitase 1, which is an enzyme in the citric acid cycle, which is regulated by iron. With low levels of iron in the gut activity of aconitase 1 in the gut will be low which will dysregulate the citric acid cycle. The citric acid cycle is a major energy producing cycle. With under activity/ fluctuations  in the citric acid cycle there could be on-off effects.

Levodopa is an iron chelator. Aconitase 1 is regulated by iron. Increasing  iron levels increases activity of aconitase 1. On-off effects associated with levodopa could at least partly be due to the iron chelating properties of levodopa. If this idea is correct all attempts to gradually release levodopa are misguided.  Gradually releasing levodopa would only prolong the iron chelating effects of levodopa turning on-off effects into off effects.





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