Warren Buffett’s diet

Warren Buffett eats burgers, sausages, eggs, steak, ice cream and drinks milk shakes and Coca-Cola. Warren Buffet’s diet is high in animal fats which are high in stearic acid. Most of the stearic acid in human diets is from animal fats. Stearic acid promotes iron utilization.

Cocoa butter has levels of stearic acid. There is some probability that at least some of the natural flavors in Coca-Cola are cocoa extracts. Cocoa butter is not recommended as cocoa butter is high is polyphenols which greatly decrease iron absorption. Cocoa butter may also not contain all required fats.

Synthesis of various long chain non-essential fatty acids synthesized from non-essential fatty acids could be particularly impaired by dysregulations of pantothenate and biotin transport.Various non-essential long chain fatty acids are synthesized from fatty acids in meat. Meat would supply the long chain fatty acids required. That at least some humans must have diets from which they must obtain fats present in meat makes a great deal of sense in terms of evolution. Stearic acid may not be the only relevant fatty acid in meat.

Warren Buffet appears to be a very happy man of which his diet could play a significant part. Warren Buffet’s diet could assist with iron utilization and supply required animal fats. Warren Buffett might try some french fries fried in beef tallow.

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