Are essential oils all hype?

Netflix has an interesting documentary on essential oils. Essential oils are plant extracts and contain polyphenols. Ingesting essential oils like drinking sodas is a way to ingest polyphenols. Polyphenols decrease iron absorption in a dose dependent manner. Ingested essential oils taken throughout the day could adversely affect iron absorption and adversely affect the citric acid cycle by affecting aconitase and other enzymes in the citric acid cycle. Polyphenols can increase beta-oxidation which can lead to serious difficulties if one has difficulties with fatty acid absorption and fatty acid metabolism which I think lot of ill individuals do have. I think a lot of individuals, especially ill individuals, are getting large kicks from essential oils.

Are ingested essential oils all hype or can there be significant effects from essential oils? Essential oils are a billion dollar business now and business is rapidly expanding. I would argue that ingested essential oils are not all hype. There can be very large effects from essential oils. I would say the effects are not positive. Which comes first gullible individuals or essential oils? Gary Young the founder of Young Living one of the largest essential oil businesses made outrageous claims for essential oils.

I am not addressing aromatherapy in this post. I think the amount of ingested polyphenols from aromatherapy would be minuscule. Aromatherapy could be a pure placebo play. An apparently effective placebo is not to be disparaged.

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