Ketogenic diets and beta-oxidation

A ketogenic diet is not advisable as a ketogenic diet would increase beta-oxidation. Low carbohydrate diets could result in weight loss but the side-effects are too great. No one would have weight problems if ketogenic diets improved health. Individuals could live with the bland ketogenic diets. Ketogenic diets, unless used to treat epilepsy, are ill advised. There still could be benefits from avoiding high glycemic foods, especially as long as ketosis is avoided.

Increased beta-oxidation sounds terrific. Rev up metabolism, increase energy, burn fats, loose weight, work hard, play hard, live life to the fullest. However increased beta-oxidation where there is already excessive beta oxidation due to decreases is biotin transport can lead to serious difficulties. See the page on bipolar disorder as to why there could be difficulties in biotin transport.

A warning sign that one should definitely avoid a ketogenic diet is if one is addicted to coffee, tea and/or sodas. Another warning sign that a ketogenic diet should be avoided is if one has any chronic illness.

In medicine ideas that should work but do not work are terrible ideas to put into practice. Ketogenic diets do not work in terms of overall health. Antioxidant supplements still make a lot of scientific sense outside the clinic but do not work and antioxidant supplements that deliver free antioxidants should be avoided. In medicine, a truth which is almost invariably correct, is that when the correct answer is not known then the provided ‘answers’ are usually very far from the truth and can be very dangerous. The best briefs in medicine are always fails in clinics.

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