A secret of the ages

As it turns out lots of backaches are due to a hidden osteomalacia. With low levels of taurine fine control of calcium transport is lost. Calcium blood levels can be normal or just slightly low and one can still have a severe case of osteomalicia. Osteomalacia refers to a marked softening of the bones, most often caused by severe vitamin D deficiency. Severe vitamin D deficiencies can result in poor absorption of calcium which can lead to softening of the bones.

Taurine is required for calcium homeostasis. See also this paper. See also this paper. With taurine deficiencies fine control of calcium is lost which can lead to a hidden osteomalicia as calcium levels are normal or very near normal.

The treatment would be to take taurine, however, there is an added complication. Apparently the calcium-sensing receptor has become dysregulated. The calcium-sensing receptor is over-sensitive. With taurine deficiencies there can apparently be a kind of hypocalcemic hypercalciuria which can result in a hidden osteomalicia. The calcium-sensing receptor is antagonized by phosphate. Phosphate binds to the calcium-sensing receptor blocking the calcium-sensing receptor. Calcium must be taken with taurine to treat this hidden osteomalicia but the calcium in the calcium supplement must be bound to phosphate. That basically leaves calcium hydroxyapatite as the only acceptable calcium supplement. Calcium supplements not bound to phosphate are worse than useless for this hidden osteomalicia. Supplemental vitamin D would also be helpful.

An added complication is that taurine must be taken with filtered flax seed oil otherwise there is a spaced out feeling from the taurine. Taurine is needed for fat absorption. With taurine deficiencies there can be shortages of essential fatty acids which filtered flax seed oil taken with taurine can supply. Taurine and filtered flax seed oil should be taken at the same time for better absorption of fatty acids from filtered flax seed oil.

The bad news is that this is a very, very different view of backaches. New transformative ideas appear to be clearly wrong to the the vast majority of individuals, including MDs. The good news is that lots of backaches heretofore untreatable turn out to be very treatable. Osteomalacia can be cured.

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