The American Heart Association has made a tremendous error in regards to saturated fats

The campaign against saturated fats by the American Heart Association has been a tremendous error. The American Heart Association recommends that intake of saturated fats be severely limited. However, with biotin deficiencies and and underactivity of acetyl-CoA carboxylase fatty acids are not synthesized and saturated fatty acids are the first ‘non-essential’ fatty acids to be synthesized. Where there are long term biotin deficiencies, which I think are very prevalent, saturated fats become essential fatty acids. Profound depressions can result from lack of saturated fats in diets.

The supplemented fats must be animal fats. Butter or ghee works quickly for depression. Ghee appears to work better. Purchased beef tallow is apparently not beef tallow. Purchased beef tallow melts at room temperature which beef tallow should not do. Butter or ghee would be taken with taurine. Taurine assists with the absorption of fats.

I am leaving the question open as to whether saturated fats are bad for the heart, there is evidence that they are not, but many individuals will face the choice of absolutely crippling depressions and heart disease or more butter or ghee in the diet and perhaps statins.

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