Cytomegalovirus and schizophrenia

In individuals with schizophrenia 68% of the patients had an increased CSF/serum antibody ratio for cytomegalovirus (CMV) antibody, Cytomegalovirus is associated with anemia. Like toxoplasma gondii the association of cytomegalovirus to schizophrenia could be due to the effect of cytomegalovirus on iron status.

Lots of viruses are associated with anemia. Given that the effect of parasites, bacteria and viruses on incidences of schizophrenia is due to the effect of parasites, bacteria and viruses on iron status then treatments that directly address parasites, bacteria and viruses would not be useful treatments for schizophrenia as individuals can be hit from many different directions while antiparasitics, anti-virals and and antibacterial agents etc would address only a single route. To treat schizophrenia iron status would have to be directly addressed.

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