Psychosis and disorganization in schizophrenia – dirt simple to treat quickly and safely

700 milligrams of carbonyl iron taken at bedtime and 200 micrograms of Se-methylselenocysteine taken once a day can treat the psychosis and disorganization present in schizophrenia quickly and safely. Carbonyl iron treats psychosis while Se-methylselenocysteine treats disorganization. Carbonyl iron is a non-toxic form of iron. See also this paper. Though MDs doing clinical trials apparently have access to higher dosage carbonyl iron supplements currently iron carbonyl is marketed in 45 mg. tablets which is a hassle.. Se-methylselnocysteine has anti-cancer properties. Anemia panels are readily available and can be ordered online.. Iron status is easily checked. Iron overload is most definitely to be avoided.. The supplements would not be taken longer than 6 weeks if not effective. Carbonyl iron and Se-methylselenocysteine in all probability will be effective in two or three or days.

Why does carbonyl iron work? Iron-sulfur proteins are dysregulated in schizophrenia due to dysregulation of the transsulfuration pathway in schizophrenia. Why does Se-methylselenocysteine work? The transsulfuration pathway which metabolizes L-selenomethionine is dysregulated in schizophrenia.

The debate as to whether billions and billions and billions of dollars should be spent to increase beds in wretched to live in long term facilities would be mooted. The endless debate about how the seriously mentally having no rights is actually a boon to the mentally ill would be mooted. Health care costs would go way down.

No other supplements would be taken. The iron carbonyl must be taken at bedtime away from iron absorption enhancers and iron absorption inhibitors.

Carbonyl iron and Se-methylselenocysteine do not treat depression or negative symptoms which are very difficult to treat. Individuals on carbonyl iron and Se-methylselenocysteine will in all probability still be disabled but they won’t be psychotic or disorganized. Low dosages of a neuroleptic would still be needed to treat a spaced-out feeling. Carbonyl iron and Se-methylselenocysteine taken alone are not a way to get totally off neuroleptics. Unfortunately Individuals can feel wretched without being psychotic.

Tragedies like the tragedies portrayed in this HBO special on schizophrenia need not take place.

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