A dirt simple, quick approach to treating major depressive disorder

Iodide from potassium iodide can alleviate major depression. Higher amounts of iodide are needed than RDA amounts.

1500 micrograms of iodide from potassium iodide would be taken once a day with 200 micrograms of Se-methylselenocysteine taken once a day. Selenium is also required for synthesis of thyroid hormones. No other supplements would be taken.

The effect is almost immediate so one would know in three days at most whether this works. If at the end of three days depression has not ameliorated the iodide and Se-methylselenocysteine would be stopped. If this works one would obtain regular thyroid function tests. Abnormal thyroid hormone levels must be avoided. Iodide could be involved in thyroid hormone homeostasis. Thyroid hormone homeostasis could be as important to mood as absolute levels of thyroid hormones.

In treating major depressive disorder iodide from potassium iodide works much better than iodide from kelp. There are two transporters for iodide, SLCA5 and SLC5A6. The sodium-dependent multivitamin transporter (SLC5A6, SMVT) transports iodide. The SMVT could be dysregulated. See the page on Bipolar Depression as to how the SMVT could be dysregulated. SLC5A5 is highly expressed in the stomach though not in the rest of the gut Iodide from potassium iodide is much more bioavailable in the stomach, where iodide via SLC5A5, can be absorbed, than iodine from kelp.

1500 micrograms of iodide from potassium iodide taken once a day safe? That is not clear. Japanese iodine intake from seaweed is estimated to be between 1 mg and 3 mg a day. 1500 micrograms of iodide from potassium iodide taken once a day has to be lots safer than ketamine which is now being used to treat treatment resistant depression. Dosages of iodine from kelp may not be equivalent to dosages of iodide from potassium iodide. Thyroid tests are required when taking iodide from potassium iodide. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is thought to be aggravated by high levels of iodide while selenium is thought to be protective. Here is a paper on the consequences of excess iodine.

Decades ago when measuring thyroid function protein-bound-iodide levels were measured With the arrival of thyroid hormone level assays protein-bound iodide tests fell into disuse. Had protein-bound iodide tests not fallen into disuse there is some chance that treatment resistant major depression would not be so treatment resistant now. Not all old tech is appropriately abandoned. Electric cars were invented prior to gasoline engine cars.

The thyroid could, after all, be at the root of major depressive disorder. The operative word in the title is ‘quick’. If at the end of three days depression has not lifted then the iodide from potassium iodide would be stopped.

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