Mental illnesses – gut-body-brain illnesses

The gut is a staging area, The vagus nerve sends signals to liver and the brain that prep the liver and the brain for soon to be there nutrients. Without the prepping via the gut other parts of the body cannot use nutrients that are delivered. Supplements and/or drinks that are formulated to bypass the gut and/or decrease use of nutrients by the gut upset homeostasis and utilization of key nutrients throughout the body and/or starve the gut of nutrients..

Individuals until very recently in history were tied to the nutrients found in immediate environments in which such individuals lived. Individuals were constrained by environments. Supplement formulations that bypass the gut or drinks that affect absorption of nutrients can apparently but only apparently free individuals from environmental constraints. Soft drinks are sold on the basis of soft drinks imparting a bounce to individuals. Chelated minerals can give a bounce. That bounce is paid for with deleterious effects on long term health and with deterioration in immediate functioning.

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