Why cocoa butter is not an option.

Unfortunately, no

Cocoa butter has high levels of stearic acid and palmitic acid but cocoa butter also has high levels of oleic acid. Oleic acid is a disaster in terms of mental health or at least olive oil is. Olive oil has very high levels of oleic acid. Chocolate is made from cocoa butter. Eating chocolate to ameliorate depression has attractions but due to the high oleic acid content of chocolate, chocolate does not work.

In schizophrenia desaturation from saturated fatty acids to monounsaturated fatty acids was enhanced as estimated by the ratios of products to precursors. Alternatively saturated fatty acids could be decreased compared to monosaturated fats due to saturated fats not being synthesized. A goal in terms of treatment of schizophrenia is to decrease the ratio of monounsatrutated fats to saturated fats by supplementing with a high quality food grade stearic acid/palmitic acid combination. Supplemental vitamin B6 would be required. Cholesterol and glucose levels would need to be checked. .

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