Lord Byron’s diet

/ Lord Byron

‘When he [Byron] wanted to keep his weight down as a student at Cambridge University, Byron dined almost exclusively on biscuits and soda water, though he also occasionally “enjoyed” potatoes drenched in vinegar. The poet told friends he would rather “not exist” than be large, and wore up to six coats while exercising in an attempt to sweat out excess water’.

Lord Byron had a textbook case of manic depression. There is almost a complete lack of saturated fats in the diet of Byron. Byron”s diet would basically guarantee depression in some one with a tendency to mental illness. Don Juan could be a great poem, however, the poem tells the story of a very depressed individual much like Lord Byron. Had Bryon eaten a lot more steak and gained some weight, though he might have been less attractive to women, he would have been a much happier man on a number of grounds.

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