TET enzymes, JMJC domain containing enzymes and the gut

I have repeatedly stressed in this blog what happens in the gut is key. TET2 is highly expressed in the gut. TET3 is also highly expressed in the gut. There are a lot of JMJC domain containing proteins and a lot of them are highly expressed in the gut. For some examples see the Human Protein Atlas.

Reprogramming the gut epigenome via immediate release vitamin vitamin C and iron from iron carbonyl taken at bedtime away from vitamin C could have a large effect on the gut and therefore have large systematic effects. Copper from copper gluceonate would be taken at bedtime too as vitamin C can decrease copper absorption. Even with normal levels of iron iron from iron carbonyl would be supplemented at bedtime. as iron must be available in the gut as well as absorbed.

Unless the epigenome can be reprogrammed one ends up playing whack a mole. Upon addressing one symptom successfully other symptoms become prominent. Address one symptom successfully and one .can still be very ill. Ameliorating .one symptom then does not feel like much of a victory. A minimal program would be vitamin C taken during the day and iron and copper taken at bedtime. Mineral levels would be checked.

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