Sphingolipids and the negative symptoms of schizophrenia

There are decreased levels of spingolipids in schizophrenia. The first enzyme in the synthesis of spingolipids is serine palmitoyltransferase. which requires palmitoyl-CoA and vitamin B6. With a decrease is synthesis of palmitic acid, which is a C16 saturated fatty acid, there would be a decrease in the synthesis of .palmitoyl-CoA and a decrease in spingolipids which is what is seen in schizophrenia. A very high quality food grade mixture of C16 (palmitic acid) and C18 (stearic acid) saturated fatty acids taken with with vitamin B6 can apparently treat the negative symptoms of schizophrenia. Given a very high quality food grade mixture of C16 (palmitic acid) and C18 (stearic acid) is supplemented metabolic panels would have to be obtained regularly.

Sphingolipidoses are terrible illnesses. The main sphingolipidoses are Niemann–Pick disease, Fabry disease, Krabbe disease, Gaucher disease, Tay–Sachs disease and metachromatic leukodystrophy. Sphingolipidoses involve the failure to catabolize various spingolipids but this would not be the case with an under active serine palmitoyltransferase. The ngeative symptoms of schizophrenia would not be due to a sphingolipidose.

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