MCT oil is a disaster for individuals with schizophrenia

Any palmitic acid/stearic acid combination purchased must be very high quality and food grade otherwise shorter chain fatty acids could be mixed in which would cause very large difficulties. No stearic acid manufactured in Malaysia should be purchased.

Shorter Chain Triglycerides Are Negatively Associated with Symptom Improvement in Schizophrenia

Anna Tkachev,1,*Elena Stekolshchikova,1Nickolay Anikanov,1Svetlana Zozulya,2Aleksandra Barkhatova,2Tatiana Klyushnik,2 and Daria Petrova1Cecilia M. P. Rodrigues,


Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder requiring lifelong treatment. While medications are available that are effective in treating some patients, individual treatment responses can vary, with some patients exhibiting resistance to one or multiple drugs. Currently, little is known about the causes of the difference in treatment response observed among individuals with schizophrenia, and satisfactory markers of poor response are not available for clinical practice. Here, we studied the changes in the levels of 322 blood plasma lipids between two time points assessed in 92 individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia during their inpatient treatment and their association with the extent of symptom improvement. We found 20 triglyceride species increased in individuals with the least improvement in Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS) scores, but not in those with the largest reduction in PANSS scores. These triglyceride species were distinct from the rest of the triglyceride species present in blood plasma. They contained a relatively low number of carbons in their fatty acid residues and were relatively low in abundance compared to the principal triglyceride species of blood plasma.

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