Chelation therapy – one of the worst ideas ever

EDTA binds copper and iron and has been frequently used to chelate minerals.. Chelation trials for autism were halted in 2008. Walmart and Amazon still have a selection of EDTA products in the health sections. Compounds that bind to minerals are everywhere in the food supply and generating huge unrecognized medical difficulties. A fundamental fact about nutrition is that minerals have to be available in the gut as well as systematically. Trace minerals should be supplemented only at bedtime and away from food, drinks and other supplements, such as vitamin C, to maximize availability in the gut as well as systematically. Iron, copper and manganese can compete for the same transporter, DMT1, but this is to be much preferred to minerals being chelated or complexed by food, drinks and/or supplements.

There is a place for chelation in terms of proven metal toxicites. Chelation therapy would only be done in a hospital under close medical supervision Purchasing EDTA suppositories at Walmart and then waiting around to be cured is very ill advised. Chelated mineral supplements are a sort of DIY chelation therapy for the gut which is very much a negative.

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