Astonishing facts

Black holes exist.

The universe was created from something smaller than a grain of sand in a Big Bang .

Most energy is dark energy of which almost nothing is understood. Most matter is dark matter of which almost nothing is understood.

Dinosaurs walked the Earth

A meteor killed the dinosaurs and most of life on Earth.

Via a process of symbiosis cells acquired mitochondria.

The continents are plates that float around the Earth.

There is something rather than nothing

Landing rockets on a launching pad after delivering second stages into space is very doable. .

Vaccines work, that is if individuals get vaccinated.

Kings ruled the Earth for long periods of history even though the chances of having good rulers when kings rule is very, very dicey. The masses by and large loved their absolute rulers even though their absolute rulers were very frequently incompetent.

All of human history is not even a blink of the eye in geological time.

Billions and billions of microorganisms live inside each of us.

The universe is 13.5 billion years old. The observable universe is 93 billion light years across. .

I am alive at this particular time and place. You are alive at a particular time and place.

A list of astonishing facts could go on and on.

A fact that is not astonishing is that trace minerals must be available in guts as well as systematically.

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