One simple trick to stop mood cycling

Dysregulation of biotin-containing enzymes could be involved in bipolar disorder. See the page on bipolar depression. Biotin-containing enzymes require bicarbonate. Carbonic anhydrases synthesize bicarbonate from carbon dioxide and water. Drinking a large glass of water 4 times a day could support biotin-dependent enzymes throughout the day and reduce mood cycling. Sodas cannot substitute for water. Sodas should never be drunk.

The suggestion is very easy to try and may or may not work but if the suggestion works that would be a very big deal as rapid cycling is one of the most difficult symptoms to treat in mood disorders.

A very tepid positive take on the use of EPA in major depression

In a study by Rapaport et al., on the use of EPA in major depression there is this sentence in the abstract, ‘While overall treatment group differences were negligible (ES=−0.13 to +0.04), subjects with any “high” inflammation improved more on EPA than placebo…’ That is a very tepid positive take.

EPA enteric coated softgels do not work. EPA + DHA softgels must be bitten, the contents swallowed and then softgel capsules thrown away for EPA + DHA to work against major depression

ProEPAxtra was the EPA product used in the Rapoport study. Here is an ad for ProEPAxtra on Amazon. The ad does not explicitly state that the softgel is enteric coated, however, the ad states ‘no fishy aftertaste’ and ‘better absorbed’ both of which are warnings than the soft gel could have some sort of enteric coat. Enteric coated fish oil soft gel capsules appear to be frosty or dull. The softgels in the ad appear to be dull in appearance. The quality of the fish oils themselves is not being questioned.