What have I said that is straightforwardly testable?

600 milligrams of carbonyl iron taken at bedtime can treat a psychosis quickly. The carbonyl iron must be taken away from food, drinks except water and other supplements.200 micrograms Se-methylselenocysteine can quickly treat disorganization in schizophrenia.

600 milligrams of carbonyl iron taken at bedtime and 200 micrograms Se-methylselenocysteine can end treatment resistant schizophrenia.A huge difficulty is that individuals who are not psychotic can feel wretched.

Chelated minerals are not bioavailable in the gut but supplemented minerals must be bioavailable in the gut. Tests could be done on gut enzymes after chelated mineral supplementation. for example with molybdenum glycinate, compared to sodium molybdate..

Individuals taking lithium and anticonvulsant mood stabilizers will have deficiencies in biotin, pantothenic acid, coenzyme A and protein bound iodide. .

Huntington’s disease and selenoproteins

L-selenomethionine is metabolized by cystathionine gamma-lysase. Dysregulation of cystathionine gamma-lyase would dysregulate selenoprotein synthesis from L-selenomethionine, which is the food form of selenium. In the N171-82Q Huntington’s disease mouse model various selenoprotein levels are changed compared to controls. Changed levels of selenoproteins in the N171-82Q Huntington’s disease mouse model compared to controls could be due to dysregulation of cystathionine gamma-lyase.

Supplemental Se-methylselenocysteine could be useful in the treatment of Huntington’s disease as metabolism of Se-methylselenocysteine does not depend on cystathionine gamma-lyase. Se-methylselenocysteine is metabolized by kynurenine aminotransferase 1. Supplementation of Se-methylselenocysteine taken alone would be far from a completely effective treatment for Huntington’s disease as decreases in cystathionine gamma-lyase would dysregulate various pathways downstream from the transsulfuration pathway. Se-methylselenocysteine could be of assistance in the treatment of cognitive symptoms of Huntington’s disease. Se-methylselenocysteine taken daily in two divided dosages is more effective than Se-methylselenocysteine taken once daily.