A unitary theory of sadness in all depressions

The thyroid may still yet have large undiscovered lands. There are many ways that individuals can feel below par.. Sadness in depressions is different than malaise, fatigue are lethargy though malaise, fatigue and lethargy are very frequently associated with depression.

Sadness in all depressions could be due to dysregulation of iodide transporters. Thyroid hormone levels can be normal while thyroid hormone homeostasis can be upset resulting in sadness though thyroid tests show patients as apparently euthyroid. In all instances of intense sadness iodide transporters could be dysregulated even intense sadness due to mourning.. A reasonable period of mourning would, of course, not call for pharmaceutical treatment.

There is an upside to this and a downside to this. Sadness is all depressions except due to mourning, could be highly pharmaceutically treatable. Sadness can pop up in almost any illness and everywhere depression as sadness pops could be due to dysregulation of iodide transporters. Sadness in all depressions could be treated by iodide from kelp, l-tyrosine and Se-methylselenocysteine. Iodide from kelp, L-tyrosine and Se-methylselenocysteine would not treat all states associated with depression only sadness. Kelp and L-tyrosine have to be taken three or four times a day. Thyroid tests must be obtained. The goal is most definitely not high thyroid hormone levels. Iodide from potassium iodide apparently reacts with too many substances. The effect of iodide from potassium iodide is not dependable. Approximately 1000 micrograms of iodide from kelp have to be taken each dosage. Iodide from kelp and L-tyrosine are taken three times a day . L-tyrosine taken without iodide is not helpful. L-tyrosine is taken on an empty stomach. Se-methylselenocysteine is supplemented. Selenium is required for thyroid hormone homeostasis. 200 micrograms of Se-methylselenocysteine is taken once a day. More Se-methylselenocysteine is not better.

The downside of this is that iodide from kelp, L-tyrosine and Se-methylselenocysteine would only treat sadness. Individuals could still feel way below par even though their intense sadness had been addressed . The SMVT besides transporting iodide also transports biotin, lipoate and pantothenic acid.. Supplemental iodide would not necessarily re-regulate the SMVT. At this point treatment becomes much more complex. Under no grounds should lipoic acid ever be supplemented as lipoate is synthesized on residues and supplemental lipoic acid would only block the SMVT. Iodide from kelp, L-tyrosine and Se-methylselenocysteine can do a lot but far from everything.