A simple experiment that can be done at home

If an individual has a mental illness that individual should try drinking only water for a month and check at the end of the month whether there has been an amelioration of his or her mental illness. Food can, of course, be eaten but preferably foods without natural flavors. In the gut iron must be uncomplexed with polyphenols or with compounds that increase iron absorption. Both polyphenols which decrease iron absorption and acids, such as citric acid, that increase iron absorption must be avoided. Vitamin C supplements should be avoided. If an individual takes a few drinks of drinks other than water an intense unease could result and that individual will be inclined to try a ‘hair of the dog’ remedy which will just greatly worsen mood. Some unease while drinking only water could come from eating foods with natural flavors. Upon reading frozen food labels what goes into frozen foods frequently seems almost perfectly senseless. One or two 100 mg pills of caffeine taken a day should be okay. Even if an individual does not have a mental illness drinking only water should be tried for a month to see if there are enhancements in mood.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs. In practice extraordinary proofs should be readily obtainable. Drinking only water for month can easily be done.

Why would humans be so sensitive to polyphenols? In small amounts polyphenols can have large though subtle effects on mood. In small amounts for example the amounts in fresh unprocessed fruits and vegetables polyphenols can have very positive affects on mood. Nature arranged matters so humans would get kicks from eating fruits and vegetables. With sodas, coffee and tea humans have lost their liking for fruits and vegetables and now just prefer junk food.

Only water was drunk in Paleolithic times. Herbal tea is allowed on current Paleolithic diets however in the Paleolithic after a day of hunting mastodons herbal tea was not drunk around campfires. The apparent safety of herbal tea is very deceptive. Herbal tea is very high in polyphenols.

Positive results should be present in two or three days. There should be some fresh fruits and/or vegetables available to address cravings for polyphenols.

Different binding affinities of different polyphenols with iron

Different polyphenols have different binding affinities to iron apparently due to different levels of iron-binding galloyl groups in different polyphenols. The polyphenols in foods with high levels of polyphenols would also bind iron at higher levels than polyphenols of foods with low levels of polyphenols. The point is that different foods with different kinds of polyphenols and different levels of polyphenols can have different affects on iron. However, if all iron is basically complexed with polyphenols due to coffee, tea and/or sodas then foods with different polyphenols and different levels of polyphenols might not make a difference. Fruits and vegetables would seem not to be delivering the real thing as well as Coca-Cola. The particular delights of different fruits and vegetables could be lost in a diet is high in coffee, tea and/or sodas. Fruit and vegetable consumption is inversely related to all-cause mortality. Mental well-being is associated with high levels of fruits and vegetables in the diet. Diets high in coffee, tea and/or sodas could bias individuals against healthy diets.

A direct connection between the gut and brain and mood is widely accepted now. How signals are sent from the gut to brain and how those signals affect mood has not been clearly established. Levels of aconitase 1 in the gut, activity of the TCA cycle in the gut and regulation of iron regulated proteins could play a large role in that connection.

E-cigarettes and natural flavors

There is lots of controversy about flavorings for e-cigarettes. Here are some of the plant extract flavorings for e-cigarettes. Lung damage has been associated with vaping with e-cigarettes with flavorings found to be particularly harmful. Polyphenols bind iron. Polyphenols binding iron, which is needed for hemoglobin, in the lungs could adversely affect the ability to breathe. Mint flavorings are getting a pass in the FDA regulations on e-cigarette flavorings, however, mint has very high polyphenol contents.